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                 08/03/2015 12:39 PM  
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01/13/2002 02:06 AM ID: 15672 Permalink   

Julia Louis Dreyfus Back in Showbiz


"All Seinfeld stars are cursed" - Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn’t buy it. She is hoping the third sitcom from a former Seinfeld star is a success, unlike the short-lived series staring Michael Richards and Jason Alexander.

“Watching Ellie” will premiere on NBC on the 26th February. Louis-Dreyfus, who plays lounge singer Eleanor Riggs has said: "I think there's pressure, period, regardless of the past successes or failures of any of my friends"

Louis-Dreyfus said she took a few years off to raise her two children and is now easing back into the showbiz world. Seinfeld was a great experience, so the idea is, to go back into television, and find another happy and joyful experience"

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