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                 01/19/2018 10:06 PM  
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01/13/2002 07:03 PM ID: 15684 Permalink   

The 'Redskins" Name is Causing Controversy


Ex running back Dale Atkeson of the late 1950's Washington Redskins, thought that having a sign over his door and an auto license plate with "1 REDSKN" and banners with the name in front of his house was just showing love for his old team.

Eugene Herrod of the Southern California Indian Center saw it in a different way and asked the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to demand that Atkeson surrender his license plate, stating that it was not "Politically Correct" and is offensive to Indians.

Although Atkeson is fighting the demand, he expects to lose his plate and his wife's plate also which reads "RDSKIN 2". There has been a long-standing battle with the American Indian Community and teams with Indian names.

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What a pile of garbage. This is just another example of political correctness gone crazy.

I can't have black coffee any more it's 'tonaly challenged', I can't buy a black biro pen any more, instead I have to make do with a 'pigmentally deficient blue'.

Bollocks to political correctness. I don't just mean this rubbish - if I see a woman with nice breasts I'll tell her about it, they are her breasts and she's grown them. They are her property and if they are nice then I'll compliment her. If she decides to rub them against me do you expect me to push her away in disgust?

NO!! AAAAAAARGH!!! this PC nonsense does my head in.

For any ladies reading this .......... nice tits!
  by: Basscone   01/13/2002 11:55 PM     
  I agree  
erm, in part. At least with the part that having a football team named after something that's Indian is somehow an insult. Teams are named after things people respect, and want to emulate. Does the name Philadelphia Eagles somehow insult eagles? Now you can say that Redskins isn't a polite term for Indians, and that might be true, but the team 'Chiefs' gets the same kind of trouble.
  by: SandraG     01/14/2002 09:05 AM     
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