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                 01/17/2018 09:02 PM  
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01/13/2002 11:03 PM ID: 15686 Permalink   

Playboy Hugh Hefner 'Going Bust'


Hefner, 75, may have to put an end to his star-studded parties and give up his six-acre estate to avoid bankruptcy.

As increasing loses from his erotic magazine business continue, he may be forced to sell his 31-room mansion in Los Angeles.

"We're talking about a company teetering on the edge," said US leisure industry analyst TK MacKay.

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I've been teetering loads of times reading that publication.

PS. are you trying to make me believe that HH hasn't got a shed load of cash stashed away? Muhahahahahaha - yeah ok.
  by: Basscone   01/14/2002 12:06 AM     
  Going Bust  
I'm sure he'll make the "breast" of it
  by: NetMinder   01/14/2002 12:33 AM     
  Will the young babes hang around then?  
If this is true, it kind of makes a person wonder if all those 18 to 30 year old gorgeous naked babes will still hang around with a 75 year old guy after he’s broke and doesn’t have all the parties. Does anyone out there really think all those beautiful women clung to him like flies on $shit because he was still great in the bed at 75 years old?
  by: Hoz     01/14/2002 01:07 AM     
  Playboy as erotic as a Sears catalog  
Hugh should have kept up with the times.
The airbrushing, softlight style is almost as passe as nudist magazines from the 60's. Morality changed, laws changed, freedoms changed, but Playboy stayed the same. Wake up Mr. Hefner and welcome to the new millennium. Less artsy highbrow ads and articles would be a nice start.
  by: djohn817   01/14/2002 03:05 AM     
  If he didn't spend all of his money on...  
Viagra, he would have some left!!!!
  by: 1hagop   01/15/2002 05:44 AM     
  His major competition is:  
The Internet!!!!!
  by: jfury     01/16/2002 01:08 AM     
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