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                 02/21/2018 01:49 PM  
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01/22/2002 12:01 AM ID: 16190 Permalink   

Hackers now have a school.


In Paris, France, there is now a new school devoted to hacking and for a nine-hour lesson; the price is 70 Euros (47 pounds, about 55 US Dollars).

Students do not hack actual websites. Instead they are given programs to invade. Students are given computer software to accomplish these tasks. "Newbie" "wild" and "intrusion" are the levels of the classes one can join, depending on ability.

Louis, a 23-year-old student, feels if the US government can use Carnivore to snoop on people, he should be able to hack. French police, on the other hand are still trying to figure out if this school is legal.

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  Crackers or Hackers  
The two are different despite what the media may think.

I don't see the school lasting very long :) thats all we need more script kiddies
  by: Ollygt     01/22/2002 03:04 AM     
i totally agree about the stupid script kiddies, and i also agree that theres a difference between hackers and crackers, crackers are what you would call the ones that get into systems for destruction, now dont get me wrong some people deserve this, lol, but hackers get blamed for everything, like when yahoo and e-bay got attacked by script kiddies, they blamed hackers. hackers would not do that, hacking is about learning everything you can about computers and computer systems and pushing it as far as you can and finding things out, and having a WANT to learn computers. personally id lve to have a school like that around michigan though, around here all i see for college classes are windows, wich i dont need to learn.
  by: AcidSedation   02/14/2002 11:31 PM     
why in the heck would you goto a
friggin school for hacking? i mean i
learned everything i know through
trial and error
  by: punkguy   02/20/2002 11:03 PM     
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