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                 02/25/2018 10:48 PM  
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01/22/2002 04:25 PM ID: 16242 Permalink   

Whale For Sale ? E-Bay's Got It


Call me Ishmael !! E-Bay, the online auction house which is more suited to selling consumer items such as electronic equipment has an unusual lot for the highest bidder, a Humpback whale skeleton that is over 150 years old.

The museum it was originally in had to close and there is no room for it in the new building.

The asking price for this 40 foot specimen ? A cool $350,000.

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It's amazing what you can find these days on the Internet. A complete set of 1979 rookie cards of some baseball team is hard enough to find, but a sudden pop-up of a complete set of a whale skeleton? Wow. Anyone remember the banned kidney and boy for sale on eBay also?
  by: LKJ824   01/23/2002 05:57 AM     
  I wana sell my Virginity on there also  
Using Buy it Now lol...

I've been banned from that dump e-bay about 35 times sometimes intentional
I'm sure I'm not the record holder.
  by: shiotcrock   01/23/2002 02:21 PM     
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