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                 04/16/2014 09:16 AM  
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01/28/2002 07:05 PM ID: 16561 Permalink   

The dawn of Super Mouse


Pest exterminators are reporting that mice are rapidly developing resistance to all of the current poisons in use.
And to make matters worse they are exhibiting behavioral changes that sees them actively avoiding commonly used traps.

Apparently mice represent a much greater risk to public health than the much maligned Rat, leaving up to 50 droppings per day, and a constant stream of urine in its wake.
Mice also carry Salmonella, and can contaminate 10 times as much as it eats.

Mice are also responsible for many house fires; resulting in human deaths each year because of their fondness for chewing through electrical cabling.
You can't keep 'em out either; the average mouse can squeeze through cracks just 6mm wide.

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Mice are very sneaky critters. Their abilities to slip through the smallest cracks and nooks make them formidable opponents. Led by the dream team of Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, and Minny Mouse, these mice have become Super Intelligent. Hide your cheese folks, the new age of Super Mice is upon us.
  by: o_0   02/26/2002 03:49 AM     
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