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                 04/24/2014 11:08 AM  
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02/01/2002 05:06 PM ID: 16836 Permalink   

Oceans Found on Far-Away Moon


After receiving the clearest photos ever taken of Saturn's moon Titan, scientists now believe there are oceans of liquid hydrocarbon found there. This would make Titan the only place in the solar system other than earth to have seas of open liquid.

Titan, which is larger than the planet Mercury, is also the only body in the solar system known to have high concentrations of nitrogen in the atmosphere, other than Earth. Scientists believe it may hold answers to the question of how life began.

Rain may even fall upon the giant moon, although the methane that makes up the drops would cause the rain to fall differently. A spacecraft is currently on its way to Saturn, reaching it in 2004, and intends to land on Titan's surface.

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  Oh great...  
Now some fat cat will bend the law to plunder it...
they can not wait to mine on the moon as is !!!.........
  by: cybot_ire   02/01/2002 07:05 PM     
  cybot_ire is a fool  
Anyway, another excellent piece of news! I wonder what will come out of this... aliens?
  by: Poksis   02/01/2002 11:38 PM     
Did i mention ufos in my i dont think so.........
just saying its a wounderfull discovery.........but lefts face it......we destroyed are own planet......explore take samlples fine...but knowone should own.......other planets....and make a profit.. enough sayed.
  by: cybot_ire   02/02/2002 03:03 PM     
  I think enough is said. . .  
. . .before the entire future of mankind has been decided in a single comment.
  by: Kalgari   02/03/2002 02:36 PM     
  Make money off of Titan?  
Well cybot_ire, there might be some natural resources on Titan, but I imagine that their net profit would be quite low after shipping produce all the way back to Earth.

"The Cassini spacecraft is currently en route to Saturn. When it reaches it in 2004, it will drop a probe into Titan's atmosphere that, with luck, will land on the moon's surface and send back pictures."

Yes, I see what you meant. They would have a complete monopoly on the pictures! Quick, destroy the probe! Sue NASA for anti-trust violations!
  by: qr7z   02/06/2002 04:25 AM     
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