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                 01/19/2018 09:54 PM  
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02/08/2002 12:16 PM ID: 17164 Permalink   

Corporate Espionage Plot Foiled by Salesman


Andy Parsons, a salesman for Vector Networks, never expected to get a call from a disgruntled technician working for a competitor, offering to sell him the rival's entire database.

But when he did, he did the right thing: he called the company and let them know. The next thing he knew, he was involved in an FBI sting operation to foil corporate espionage, which costs U.S. companies alone about $378m a year.

"I believe you have to stand up to this sort of thing and if fewer people turned away we could have a much better society," Parsons said. The sting went off without a hitch, and the criminal was taken into custody.

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  What a dumbass!  
Couldn't this jagoff have just gone into work and shot a bunch of people like any normal, self-respecting disgruntled employee?! Sheesh!
  by: Hermit   02/10/2002 03:31 AM     
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