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                 04/25/2014 10:21 AM  
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02/18/2002 04:43 PM ID: 17635 Permalink   

Primary School Teacher Admits Sexually Assaulting Kids - 35 Charges


John Walker a 58-year-old primary school teacher who used to work in Oxfordshire has admitted that he assaulted 19 children within 13 years. He was caught in 2001 although the education authority had complained that he abused children in 1989.

Although he admitted 35 charges of indecent assault and gross indecency he also denied 20. Investigators are happy that he pleaded guilty in a lot of cases because "the victims are saved the trauma of giving evidence."

His victims report that he abused them on camping trips or after chess lessons which he organised. He told them to keep quiet by telling them "this is not hurting anyone...there is nothing wrong with doing this.
Walker will be sentenced in April.

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Burn in hell.
  by: catabolysis   02/18/2002 09:57 PM     
Don't be too critical because we all deserve hell. Don't worry about him though. With that many charges, he'll be in jail a looonnnggg time. :)
  by: qr7z   02/19/2002 02:10 AM     
  Dont fancy his chances  
You all know how long child molesters last once in jail...

was it a religious school? this seems to be rather too common nowadays
  by: Ollygt     02/19/2002 04:18 AM     
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