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                 04/20/2014 12:50 PM  
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02/19/2002 08:35 PM ID: 17704 Permalink   

Bush is voted 3rd greatest President Ever !


In an ABC News poll, President George W. Bush has been voted as the third greatest U.S. President in History.
In first place was President Lincoln, followed by JFK.

Amongst Republican voters Mr Bush is THE greatest President, whilst for Black voters President Clinton is Number 1.
The over-65's however, hailed FDR as "da man".
Last year's top dog; Ronald Reagan dropped down to fifth place overall.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,025 US Citizens, and has an error margin of +/- 3%

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  it's unbelieveable  
after his initiate of world war III and estableshing a military dictatorship in the us, perhaps there is nobody to ask for vote.
  by: slack   02/19/2002 11:30 PM     
  You've got to be joking  
The man is about as sharp as a sphere.
Just like his father, I notice his father didn't get who he was after either.
Now Abraham Lincoln, yes i can see that...JFK he faced some pretty tough times (though his personal life is a little shakey) But Bush?? I've yet to see any example of his abilities at running the USA
  by: Ollygt     02/20/2002 01:08 AM     
I agree with you guys, but im glad you said it first. GWB has done nothing except except put the live's of everyone in the World at risk. Sure he handled 11/9 with dignity, but now he has got a blood lust and threatening War with anyone whom he doesnt like and using 11/9 as an excuse.
And on top of that he is in the process of wrecking Clinton's boom economy at home. This is what you can expect when you elect an ex-alcoholic and baseball team owner to the most important position in the World.
Nice bloke to go out for a p*ss up and a laugh with, BAD bloke to have as a Prez.
  by: vecuccio     02/20/2002 02:00 AM     
  i can't still believe it!!  
where the heck do the ones that voted him for htis (and for being president of the us) have their brains stuffed in?
he's just a selfish resentful alcoholic bastard... so was his father... those two are always looking for wars, bush (the father) invaded several countries that couldn't defend from those 100000 military troups they send them... and now the son and his axil of evil bullshit... with him as president, he is making US to look more evil than anyone...
JFK... I don't know why you US people kiss so much his bloody ass... he was also an alcoholic ladies man, and always cheatded on his wife... im glad someone killed that jackass... just for jealousy of Castro and for the fear that he could prove socialism is better than any capitalist shit he put that Cuban embargo...
i'm sorry if i offended someone, but thats the way i feel (and im sure im not alone). i just wish that US citizens wouldn´t be so selfish and stop calling their country America... WAKE UP!!! AMERICA IS THE NAME FOR THE WHOLE CONTINENT!!!
p.d.: excuse me for my English, my language is Spanish...
  by: opinions   02/20/2002 05:51 AM     
  wrecking the economy?  
Well I don't know what Spanish people think, but I am never glad when the leader of a country is murdered, whether I liked them or not.

Oh, and exactly how is he wrecking the economy? When there's a war, you go into deficit spending. If Gore were President, we would be having the same problem. The recession is a normal cycle we're bound to go through occasionally, and we are in the process of recovering from it. While tax refunds might not help reduce deficit spending, you do NOT stimulate an economy by taking money from it. The tax refunds encourage economic growth by stimulating the economy (individuals are willing to spend more because they have more).
  by: qr7z   02/20/2002 11:16 AM     
do you go into deficit when theres war?

i thought war is there to increase production of all sorts of things (eg weapons) and to find new a market grounds for eg McDonalds.
  by: littleLudmila     02/20/2002 11:24 AM     
  are you sure  
you go into deficit when theres war?

i thought war is there to increase production of all sorts of things (eg weapons) and to find a new market for your products.
  by: littleLudmila     02/20/2002 11:25 AM     
I don't suppose that you have to technically go into a deficit, but wars are still expensive and the government has to pay for it somehow. Major forms of their founding include bonds (which would raise deficit spending) and taxes (including taxes from business like McDonalds).

Anyway, I think that the site's survey is wildly inaccurate, since "recency does play a role in a question like this — presidents who're fresher in the public's memory have a much better chance of making the list. Among the 19 presidents cited by respondents, all but five served in this century."
  by: qr7z   02/20/2002 01:37 PM     
We all need to be able to view GWB from the perspective of a non US citizen to understand why he is so hated throughout the World.
We eat your burgers and watch your films and thats great, but for a man not too intellectually gifted to be the most powerful man on the Planet, and to threaten all of our futures without our consent or mandate is not acceptable.
He is ONLY President of the US, he has the right to determine N.America's destiny, but not to determine ours too.
It's no wonder the Republicans were kept out of office for 8 years if they behave in such ways as they are doing now, all warmongers.
  by: vecuccio     02/20/2002 08:20 PM     
Lets do the math:

Terrorists attack America
+ Thousands of people die
= George W. Bush greatest president


(P.S. I love you Dubya, but you havent done anything that any other American would have done. You wat some advice from me? Start breaking out the nukes - they wont laugh at us anymore.)
  by: catabolysis   02/21/2002 12:47 AM     
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