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                 12/06/2016 11:10 AM  
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02/21/2002 10:51 AM ID: 17790 Permalink   

'Xena' Actor Dies


Thirty-eight year old Kevin Smith, the New Zealand actor who played the war god Ares in the hit television series 'Xena,' has died from head injuries received from a fall while working on a movie in China.

The New Zealand government honored Smith posthumously, saying he was "known not only for his enormous talent and amazing beauty, but also for his intelligence and self-effacing humor."

Smith had been scheduled to begin filming on a Bruce Willis movie next month.

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But, can't Xena go to Hades and help Ares get out?
  by: catabolysis   02/21/2002 06:49 PM     
  oops. meant to vote 'very good'  
Ick, I meant to vote very good to ccounterbalance the "very bads" which I felt are there incorrectly. I accedently voted very bad and it won't let me change it.
  by: qender   02/21/2002 07:55 PM     
For the thought, Qender. :)

I would be very interested if someone could give me a reason as to why this title is misleading.
  by: SandraG     02/21/2002 08:46 PM     
  It is Misleading cuz...  
'Xena' didn't die, all though the title makes it seem like it. An Actor From 'Xena' Dies - would be a more fitting title. Not that I voted against it...
  by: Orthimnas   02/22/2002 12:19 AM     
It had been Lucy Lawless herself, I'd have written 'Xena Actress' or, as Quender said, 'Xena Star'.
  by: SandraG     02/22/2002 10:19 AM     
  actor is substituted for actress  
Many people in the entertainment world refer to women as actors just as they do to men.
  by: jfury     02/23/2002 04:42 PM     
  It's not misleading  
An actor from the show 'Xena' died. Where's the misleading part? If you jump to conclusions that's your fault, not SandraG's. Some of you are a little ridiculous.
  by: ploss     05/09/2003 01:27 PM     
  I agree, Ploss  
I agree, which is why I just gave it a very good rating, however, the story is 15 months old now, so I don't suppose it really matters too much anymore. :-)
  by: missdeasley     05/09/2003 01:34 PM     
I don't even know how I got that story to come up. I think I just start reading stuff and don't think to check the date sometimes. Still though, it wasn't misleading and I gave it a very good as well. I've seen the show a couple times and know the main character and one or two others but that's it. He could've died yesterday for all I knew.
  by: ploss     05/09/2003 01:57 PM     
  @ ploss  
You saw the story in the "latest events" column on the right. It was there because I had just rated it.
I wasn't at SN at the time of his death, and I really enjoyed the actor's work, so (in boredom) I searched to see if anyone had reported it here last year.
  by: missdeasley     05/09/2003 02:08 PM     
  Thank you :)  
I appreciate the good ratings - even after all this time :)
  by: SandraG     05/09/2003 02:56 PM     
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