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                 01/18/2018 08:39 PM  
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02/25/2002 05:35 PM ID: 18005 Permalink   

85 Whales Beach Themselves in Japan - 32 Survive


A massive 85 whales have been found beached on a Japanese coast today. Officials managed to rescue just 32 of them with the rest dying. The animals were said to be up to ten feet long.

The dead whales will be buried in the sand once biologists have had a chance to examine them. It is speculated that the whales may have been chasing prey and got too close to the shore, or that infections caused them to lose their sense of direction.

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  whales aren't dumb...  
chasing a prey and not notice they were close to sea?
oh pliz...whales eat microorganisms more than they eat of massive fishes..
they are a very organized and smart specy, this is not sum dumb random thing just happened's a massive suicide phenomenon that occurs everywhere in the world.
the most convicing theory yet is they followed the leader who choose to suicide under bad environments. the pack just goes with it.
so much for the common knowledge of the world.
  by: Time2Suffer   02/26/2002 03:34 AM     
sound like a whale colt? Massive
  by: niptek   02/26/2002 07:46 PM     
Now we can drop the whales on the poor folk in Afghanistan and they'll be able to eat!
  by: Yare     02/26/2002 08:01 PM     
  @ Yare  
Friggin funny as hell, amigo!
Thanks a million, I needed a good laugh!
  by: Icehearted   02/27/2002 03:51 PM     
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