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                 04/23/2014 11:48 PM  
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02/26/2002 07:02 PM ID: 18078 Permalink   

Couple Who Froze Themsleves Illegally May Have To Be Thawed


A couple in France who had their bodies frozen when they died because they wanted them saved in case in the future they could be revived may end up being thawed by the government because their actions were illegal.

Officials say they are considering action because "In this country, bodies must either be cremated or buried" therefore many people have been getting frozen in the US.

The fact that the bodies are in France is what is causing the controversy.

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In my opinion if someone wants to freeze themselves let them… as long as someone is of sound mind and can make there own decisions let them. This is just another example of the government trying to control everything someone does… in the future we will probable not be able to take a crap without the written permission of the government..
  by: Doobie   02/26/2002 09:32 PM     
  Do you not think. . .  
...perhaps the law mentioned in this piece was put in place not to control people years later but actually to prevent people from failing to dispose of corpses properly?

Are you actually saying you think they said perhaps centuaries ago:

In the future they are going to want to freeze bodies. So to prevent that we are going to pass a law on how corpses are to be disposed of as "just another example of the government trying to control everything"

Think before you write.
  by: kalgari   02/26/2002 09:49 PM     
  Not disposed properly  
Not disposed properly.. I didn’t read anywhere in the article that the bodies where found on 5th avenue when innocent bypasses saw then in a refrigerator on street corner. It doesn’t say anything about the bodies not being froze properly. And if the law was written centuries ago they why not change it?
  by: Doobie   02/27/2002 12:44 AM     
Hey guys, it's France not America. Who cares what their laws are on this? Americans have the privelege of being able to freeze themselves. OOhhhhh what a great privelege.
  by: cody8202   02/27/2002 03:28 AM     
  But you see...  
Back when the law was written up, the lawmakers couldn't have had any idea what the future was going to be like. Anybody who said that the future would involve people being frozen for ten to a hundred years to be thawed later and then go on about their daily business would have been shot for having some sort of mental disease. It's like having a private conversation - nowhere do laws specifically say it's an intrinsic human right to have a private conversation, as all that needed to be done back then to have one was simply step out of earshot. Now it's much harder.

As for changing the law, who knows. Perhaps politics, perhaps there's more to the law than just cryonics, we can't know for sure.
  by: Macragge   02/27/2002 05:52 AM     

  by: vexd   02/28/2002 03:34 AM     
  Frozen peas...  
Freezing a body automatically kills it - no matter what. After a few hours - you're cells die and even if you are thawed, your cells would burst.

  by: catabolysis   02/28/2002 05:05 PM     
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