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                 02/18/2018 07:37 AM  
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02/27/2002 11:38 AM ID: 18128 Permalink   

AMD Shows Off Its Hammer


Yesterday, AMD gave the public its first view of the upcoming Hammer processing chip, which will be hit the shelves at the end of the year. Hammer is unique in that it can run both 32- and 64-bit applications.

Although 64-bit applications generally perform better there is a Catch 22 for sellers. Few 64-bit chips mean people aren't willing to make applications. Few 64-bit applications mean people aren't willing to buy 64-bit chips.

AMD's Hammer may solve this problem. "Beyond performance, 'Hammer' will give users a smooth migration path to the 64-bit software of tomorrow, all the while preserving the billions of dollars of today's 32-bit software applications," AMD says.

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  go AMD!  
I have to say although Intel has been around for a while, but they arent to wise. With all the economic slow down, alot of prices on pc parts have drop except on Intel products! AMD is so much better than Intel not only its affordable price but also its architecture. AMD 1.66ghz is equal to or a litle less performance as an Intel 2.2ghz! If they come up with a 2ghz man that will kill Intel next 2.5ghz!
  by: niptek   02/27/2002 09:08 PM     
  agreed ;-)  
My amd will kick the shit out of any 2.2ghz p4 and it only runs at 1.57ghz if u dont believe me...hey aske me to post the benchmarks ;-)
  by: biggsley13856   03/01/2002 05:17 AM     
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