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                 02/25/2018 06:52 AM  
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12/04/2000 03:24 PM ID: 1823 Permalink   

Update: Shockwave Virus Upgraded to "High Risk"


The new virus "Creative" has been upgraded to high-risk by some anti-virus companies, due to the speed with which it is spreading. The nature of the virus has security companies divided over its danger.

Although the virus, which comes disguised as a Shockwave movie, doesn't do damage to the infected computer, it can crash email servers by overloading them with too much traffic. So, even if the virus itself is not dangerous, it still poses a threat.

And it is spreading very fast. "Within the past two to three hours we've received 50 samples of the virus," said the senior director of a security company. Experts reiterate that people should be very careful when opening ".exe" files from emails.

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