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                 01/23/2018 11:11 AM  
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03/04/2002 06:26 PM ID: 18407 Permalink   

Schering, Wyeth, Organon Sued Over Contraceptive's Side Effects


In a group action focused on 7 cases more than 100 women sue pharmaceutical companies over the side effects of 3rd generation contraceptive pills such as Femodene, Minulet or Marvelon.

They say that the pills carry risks of conditions like embolism or thrombosis. Women who took the pill were not warned of these sometimes lethal side effects and many will suffer from injuries all their lives.

The women's lawyer said: "Women who took the contraceptive pill... no doubt want and expect safety from the product they use - in particular the 3rd generation of the contraceptives... which were introduced in the 1980s."

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