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                 02/17/2018 09:58 PM  
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03/04/2002 06:37 PM ID: 18409 Permalink   

Guinness To Turn Down "Girl That Slept With Most Men" Record


A 21-year-old girl from Bosnia Herzgovina wants to make it into the Guinness Book of Records by sleeping with more men than any other girl.

So far she has slept with 1.400 men. She asks them for a little money which she needs for e g her bed that collapsed once or for lots of food she eats "to keep her energy levels high."
Each man is recorded in her "book of sponsors."

Although the girl says that men are very keen to help her she won't be very successful with her "aim to enter the Guinness Book of Records."
A Guinness spokesperson said that requests of this kind are always rejected.

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  i suggest  
we get a category for news that only qualify as "this is how stupid and sad people can be"...
  by: littleLudmila     03/04/2002 06:39 PM     
  lol littleludmila  
I have to say though this is much more interesting than that stupid guinness toast they have around the world every year!
  by: jfury     03/05/2002 05:09 AM     
  worlds sluttiest ho, what's wrong with that  
  by: TheBoyWhoCouldCry   03/05/2002 11:01 AM     
  When did she start this?  
1700 men is quite a lot of people for a 21 to have sex with........

Did she do this hourly?!?
  by: SteveB   03/05/2002 11:18 PM     
  My Calculator Tells Me...  
She would be around 15-16 yrs. old when she started... based on 1 guy per day. Either she's lying, she started this when she was underage (and that's why Guiness is rejecting her claim) or the guys must'av "doubled up" a few times, LOL ;)
  by: NewsGuy   03/06/2002 10:05 PM     
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