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                 02/22/2018 05:31 PM  
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03/06/2002 02:57 PM ID: 18535 Permalink   

Scientists: Travel In Time Is Possible


According to Einstein flying close the speed of light theoretically slows time, traveling at the speed of light makes time stand still and traveling faster reverses time, but this is impossible because mass at these speeds becomes infinite. Maybe.

Experiments with atomic clocks on planes and on earth show the second get slow so same thing should work at extreme speeds. A living time traveler is Russian cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev who was in orbit 748 days and got younger by one-50th of a second.

Stephen Hawking said traveling back in time is impossible. Some say all of space and time exist at once and time travels are something in our minds.

A new movie opens the subject of time travel again, The Time Machine, based on H.G. Wells' novel.

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  I thought  
It's already been proven that the speed of light isn't constant.
  by: foachon   03/06/2002 10:03 PM     
this is not news. these are facts that have been known for quite some time now. all this is is a promo for the damn movie. please do not do this in the future. and to answer the question from the first post, light in a vaccum always travels at a constant speed, it slows down when not in a vaccum. it is because that light travels at a constant speed, no matter what speed you are traveling relative to it, that time travel (into the future) is possible.
  by: cyberOptik   03/07/2002 03:39 AM     
  i was about to say that.  
about the vacuum speed. we just learned it in physics today =)
refraction... aiee!!
  by: wesisapie   03/07/2002 09:40 AM     
  since you all know it why bother reading it?  
there are other people here who are not rocket scientists like you, ya know ;)
  by: the at     03/07/2002 11:20 AM     
im ****ing 16, this is common sense
  by: cyberOptik   03/08/2002 12:48 AM     
I've read that scientists have slowed down and even stopped light, in a vacuum no less I believe, it was big news a short time ago, not sure if it was a hoax or what.

But the whole theory doesn't make much sense to me, maybe because I'm an idiot, but I think everything exists at once.
  by: foachon   03/08/2002 01:00 AM     
  Not a new movie. Prob with light speed travel is..  
The movie based on the book has been made before. This 'new' movie is not remarkable, and will probably be shite compared to the ORIGINAL. The movie is ripping off an old idea, and would be more accurately called a remake. But that's not really important.

The one prob with light speed travel is that things become energy at that speed. Time travel would not hapen by increasing speed alone. Bending space would be the more likely method. Bad anology follows: the VCR spins two things in order to give you a picture. The tape and the head. If it was just one ort the other, your tapes would be no more thna a few minutes. Look at movie tape. A 2 hour movie has a reel over a metre in diameter, or even the radius sometimes! That's because the film has to move really fast to be able to produce a flowing picture. Magnetic particles are arranged on a VHS tape at a diagonal, so that as the tape goes past the head, it gets all 24 frames per second (or better).

bending space sounds implausible, but what do you think black and white holes do? Now, we just need to figure out a way to do that without massive gravity and we can travel through time and space like never before. (it has been theorised that black and white holes are the opposite end of the same thing. One's the in, the other is the out. They do act in an oppositre manner....
  by: palehorse   03/08/2002 09:20 AM     
  it is true  
it is true that the speed of light may not be constant. no one has yet proven it: unless there is a 16 year old genius out there holding back on us.

check out
  by: Frizbit   03/08/2002 11:58 AM     
  you can't travel back in time...  
Time traveler my ass. Time is a constant, motion is not. Time does not slow down, ever. Atoms slow down, matter slows down. The only way to time travel is to get older. Sergei Avdeyev is technically younger by a 50th of a second, but he did not *GET* younger by a 50th of a second. His overall motion was slowed down, he just slowed his physical progression.

Don't get any wild fantasies about going back in time, or going forward in time. You can't *jump* in time. You can only move, and move forward, at infinite positive multiples of time. You can travel <we'll define this as 1> at speeds we all define by standard in-motion clocks, or you can slow down, and everything will seem to go faster, or everything will go faster, and you will seem to slow down, but you will never obtain a negative value, but heck, it's not that good of an idea to slow down anyway, because even though you slow down, so does your brain, your body. Unless you have only a limited time to live is time-compression a realistic option. This is a good way to traverse space, now that I think about it, time compression could solve alot of problems. Yeah. And so could time expansion.. You could think faster, or -- a COMPUTER could think faster. Hm, how about making a pentium 200mhz equivelant with a pentium 2ghz without overclocking it? I like it. Now all we need is a few billion dollars...

-neo8686/s7atic, 15 years, and living to die.
  by: Neo8686   03/18/2002 04:44 AM     
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