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                 07/01/2015 03:31 AM  
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03/09/2002 02:21 PM ID: 18708 Permalink   

Middle East a War Zone Since Prehistory


The area we call Middle East today used to belong to the Neandertals, humanoids that inhabited Europe and Western Asia. They had to fight more than 100,000 years against the humans (Homo Sapiens) for the right to live in prehistoric Israel.

Harvard archeologist Ofer Bar-Yosef found evidence of the prehistoric war in caves in Israel. The control of the area changed hands many times before humans managed to ban Neandertals from the land.

"The battle between Homo sapiens and Neandertals was like a football game. The Neandertals were the losers. They were good players, but they just lost the game", says Bar-Yosef. Nobody can tell for sure what led to Neandertals' final disappearance.

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  When I first read the article...  
I thought it said the area was once owned by the Netherlands. ;)

How does a caveman keep kosher? ;)
  by: NewsGuy   03/09/2002 08:23 PM     
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