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                 07/31/2014 01:18 AM  
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03/11/2002 05:33 PM ID: 18797 Permalink   

New: Flight Sim Station For Proctologists


E-Z-EM corporation has
launched a revolutionary 3D workstation for proctologists. The
workstation offers 3D, 2D, a Flight Simulation and a Point-of-Interest
mode views of a patient's colon.

The workstation, named InnerviewGI, is
compatible with CT and Magnetic Resonance scanning equipment through
the use of the DICOM3 protocols. The applications can also mark the
points of interest for later hystological tests.

Additionally, the
workstation can provide virtual imaging as if the patient turned
sideways, a comparison of pre- and post-op state of tissue and a
guide-like feature for navigating through mucous masses of bowels.

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