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                 02/19/2018 10:32 AM  
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03/12/2002 10:16 AM ID: 18828 Permalink   

Tiny Dots to Fight Crime


Australian inventor Ian Allen has modified a World War II technology to create a system which he thinks will prevent theft - a spray of tiny laser-etched microdots, each of which is capable of identifying an object.

The dots, which are about as large as a single grain of sand, can be sprayed all over a car, for example, including inside the engine and in the air ducts. They can be read with a magnifying glass, and thieves couldn't possibly remove them all.

The microdots could also be used to identify computers, electronics, and even cattle. When news of the dots spreads through the community, thieves are less likely to even try to steal property. Dell & BMW have already agreed to use the technology.

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