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                 01/21/2018 07:28 AM  
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03/20/2002 03:28 PM ID: 19308 Permalink   

Angry Woman Gnaws Off Man's Penis & Testicles


John Ndekeezi may regret going on a drunken bender as on Sunday night he slapped his young wife and she took revenge by overpowering her 45 year old husband and bit off both his penis and testicles.

Annet Minduru is in prison at the moment waiting on charges to be brought and her husband's version of the events that happened are not available at the present time.

This genital attack comes 24 hours after a similar event where a woman snipped off the testicles of her husband because he was unable to support the family. He died later.

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  That's just....  
SICK! ew...
  by: munkeybee     03/20/2002 03:31 PM     

you may as well kill me afterwards.

MENTAL NOTE: do not slap wife about when i'm shitfaced...
  by: grapenutts   03/20/2002 04:08 PM     
Sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. But what a mouth full...
  by: MissMuffet   03/20/2002 04:44 PM     
Thats one hardcore bitch, sign her up!
  by: King Immortal   03/20/2002 06:17 PM     
You'd figure that she would've stopped after the first mouthful of blood
  by: Nachos_N_Cheese     03/20/2002 11:49 PM     
  She thought it was a hotdog!!  
Still sick anyway you put it....
  by: DR DOOM   03/21/2002 02:21 PM     
  She obviously could just kicked his ass..  
Since he was too damn drunk to keep her from GNAWING off his penis and testicles she should have just beat the hell out of him and I would have defended her. What she did was obviously over the line and I hope she goes to prison. I mean think about it, if he could keep her from doing that, than she wasn't defending herself.
  by: jostman   03/22/2002 01:19 AM     
  that's just below the belt  
that's just below the belt
  by: naffgap   03/22/2002 05:29 PM     
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