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                 01/21/2018 07:30 AM  
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03/22/2002 11:48 AM ID: 19399 Permalink   

Britney sets fire to her apartment


Britney Spears and her friend went shopping in New York and when they returned to Britney's apartment a wall was on fire.

Britney accidently left a candle burning in front of a ventilator and when she returned from shopping she had to call a fire brigade to put the fire out.

Apparently this is not the first time that Britney has done something like this, with her previously managing to set part of her bathroom alight.

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  pathectic >:D  
  by: LordClone   03/22/2002 01:09 PM     
  Reminds me of myself...  
...when I was 6 or 7.
  by: foachon   03/22/2002 01:17 PM     
  Dumb Ass  
Little children should never be allowed to play with fire ;).
  by: NewsGuy   03/22/2002 01:29 PM     
  2 hot 2 handle the candle?  
heheheh... How dumb is she?
Man.. Candle = Fire.. Wall = Flammable
Should be a simple equation,even
for a blonde bimbo to figure out??
  by: Satyrkid   03/22/2002 02:58 PM     
  Accidents happen...  
But the second time? Common now! Duh...
  by: munkeybee     03/22/2002 05:21 PM     
  Blond and Blonder  
It was bound to happen again ...
Someone said 'Fireman', and she said
'Like, OK Man'. Good thing she didn't try to put it out with a can of hairspray.
  by: lasar-slave   03/22/2002 05:39 PM     
lol, funny story you think she would have learned from the first incident
  by: calvinj23   03/23/2002 05:59 AM     
It's Brittany Spears. A blonde and retarted singer. WHat do you think is gonna happen?
  by: payprcuts   03/25/2002 02:36 AM     
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