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                 01/23/2018 11:07 PM  
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03/26/2002 11:19 PM ID: 19631 Permalink   

Hackers Comprimise Ebay Accounts


Hackers, using brute force attacks, have been able to grab user passwords and take over the accounts.

Instead of creating an account and starting bogus bids, hackers are now resorting to hacking accounts and using the good reputation of a user to place bogus bids.

While the attack can be more easily avoided if users chose difficult passwords, some users are angered over EBay's lack of implementing a lockout feature on consistent wrong password entries.

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  i don't understand why  
it is so easy to implement a delayed password protection, and a password quality meter, when the user gives his code in. It worx under novell networkx very well....
  by: MightyKnight   03/27/2002 02:00 PM     
  It is easy  
It is easy to detect a brute force attack.
In my opnion there is only 2 reasons they have not. 1 the admin is a bookwork admin with little experience, 2 they just dont care.
This is why I dont buy unline.
  by: rw   03/27/2002 02:52 PM     
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