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                 01/22/2018 09:18 AM  
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04/06/2002 03:42 AM ID: 20056 Permalink   

Bush Blames Clinton for Violence in Israel


On his recent interview for ITV in the UK, Bush stated that Clinton's intensive efforts to gain peace in the Middle East started a "significant intefadeh."

Bush muttered: "It wasn't all that long ago where a summit was called and nothing happened, and as a result we had significant intefadeh in the area."

The irony of this statement is that Bush's spokesman Ari Fleischer had made a similar statement and was forced to retract it. Bush added that having peace summits are a waste of time unless it appears they can be successful.

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  as long as they...  
dont mess with Texas, who needs peace talks.

P.S. - Is it incredibly smart to bad mouth an incredibly popular president
  by: Nachos_N_Cheese     04/06/2002 06:07 AM     
  Actually I see it the other way around  
Bush (and Sharon) has f****** [edited by admin] up everything Clinton had accomplished!
  by: koent27     04/06/2002 05:54 PM     
  and the game continues  
hey everybody.....its the blame game...let's see who we can blame for our problems now.....first let's spin the wheel-'o-blame.....*click click click.....* and why yes, it looks like the person who caused this entire mess is......<insert non-bush name here>
  by: slayer12345     04/06/2002 06:07 PM     
  lol @ slayer12345 =NT=  
nt =P
  by: pjon2   04/06/2002 06:36 PM     
  Clinton Accomplish?  
I think that those two words don't even belong in a sentence together. Clinton didn't do jack shit in the office and everyone knows it. Let's quit bashing the president we got now, he's doing his job (and well I might add), he's not banging anyone in the whitehouse except for his own wife, oh, and he never "exhaled."
  by: mavrikz   04/06/2002 07:23 PM     
  I think Clinton made quite a good president  
And I did read some Americans saying the same.
What the f*** does it matter that he was "banging someone else" he shouldn't have lied about it (come to think of it, they say he didn't bang her at all, right?) To me he can have damn orgies in the white house as lang as it doesn't affact his work. And as far for Bush being a good president:
-He started a war in Afghanistan
-He doesn't know English
-In the past few months he did his best to start a war in the middle-East
-He blew Kyoto
-He's going to dril more oil in Alaska
-He has severely damaged relations with Europe
-He has increased Defense spending
-He's a stupid moron
  by: koent27     04/06/2002 07:47 PM     
- bombed yugoslavia
- f**cked up in somalia
- let bosnians get killed
- didn't achieve sh*t in wye river and camp david!
- arrogant bastard

We can find something nasty to say any politician. That's normal :)

After a good president, his party should win again. Which makes Reagan the last good president US had. And Reagan, if nothing else, was a good actor.
  by: cokeinc     04/06/2002 07:53 PM     
  Clinton... but Bush will be better ?  
Do you really think that Bush would have made less "mistakes" ?
  by: Bendengriff   04/10/2002 03:50 AM     
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