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                 02/23/2018 11:32 AM  
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04/10/2002 01:43 PM ID: 20213 Permalink   

Poppy Harvest season in Afghanistan


In southern Afghanistan the season of poppy-harvesting in beginning. The farmers are in a hurry because they are afraid that the government will start eradicating their fields, destroying their plants.

This task though will not be easy for the weak government of Afghanistan. The plan to wipe out the land's poppy crop went into effect last Monday with Prime Minister H. Karzai offering to the farmers $500 for each acre they destroy.

The farmers though, need several times more that amount to cover the cultivation expenses of the last year. The farmers are not willing to give up their crops, because they have spend all their time and money on them.

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Nobody's going to dare touch the poppy fields. First of all, not only does it essentially support the Afghani economy, it's also basically PROTECTED by the US given that they've made a deal with one of the local warlords to grant him something I suppose could be referred to as immunity from American trouble in exchange for information about the masses of al-Qaida terrorists the United States still haven't managed to capture, even after wasting billions of dollars bombing f#$%ing DESERTS.

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  by: neotek     04/10/2002 02:58 PM     
  your right  
we did spent a lot or money bombing deserts, you know why, because the enemy was IN THE DESERT, friggin fool, just like in wwII when we spent money bombing forest, because the enemy WAS IN THE FOREST, its called attacking the enemy, if he is in a forest, desert mountain, lagoon, rain forest topical beach. Where ever the enemy is, THATS WHERE WE BOMB moron.

(sorry for useng the harsh words but i had to get the point across)
  by: pjon2   04/10/2002 10:12 PM     
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