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                 04/24/2014 05:29 AM  
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04/10/2002 07:56 PM ID: 20224 Permalink   

I'm Not Dead Yet!


Patrons of the Central Carolina Bank were surprised this week when the bank refused to deposit several checks - as the bank told them that the customers were already dead.

Apparently, due to a error in transferring bank accounts, over 400 customers of the bank were accidently declared dead. "I was just dumbfounded," said customer Dora Sumner of Asheville. "Clearly, I was alive."

The bank is working to bring the accounts back to life though, and said that customers shouldn't have any problems in the future.

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you walk into the bank, proud to deposit another 10$ you won over a poker game, and the lady behind the bench tells you you're dead. You would think, you should be the first to notice no? LOL
  by: koent27     04/10/2002 08:14 PM     
  my mom was dead but now she isnt  
my mom tried to get a walmart card but they told her she was dead, she told them she wasnt but they told her she would have to get a credit statement and send it in, but she couldnt get a credit statement because ... she was dead.. anyway last year she remarried and now she is alive again - they gave her a walmart card :P
  by: juleslady     04/26/2002 06:55 AM     
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