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                 01/23/2018 11:04 AM  
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04/11/2002 07:37 PM ID: 20253 Permalink   

Naked Schoolkids To Play Soccer Game


After last year's game of naked soccer for high school seniors, the head of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa has stipulated that this year the students may face disciplinary action.

The dean, Ann Highum who wants to stamp this sort of behavior out, said the game last year attracted elements like "beer-drinking middle-aged gawkers" and also fellow students.

Alarmingly, students have been warned that police officers may videotape those who refuse to put their clothes back on.

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If the cops videotape it, and there are minors playing, would that constitute child pornography, and would the officers be charged?
  by: myfriendmikhail   04/11/2002 10:27 PM     
  Very good question  
I wonder just what they think to gain by videotaping?
Why not just stop the game and fine them all?
  by: koent27     04/11/2002 11:03 PM     
  why don't they just grow the hell up  
being naked is a natural and beautiful thing as god intended

there's nothing wrong with that

it's only a bad if you see it that way

just grow up
  by: Clark_Kent   04/12/2002 03:15 AM     
True, but if you can help it, you shouldn't do something that you know causes someone else to sin...

Ethical reasons aside, isn't there some safety reasons why you would want to wear /some/ clothing while playing a sport?
  by: qr7z   04/12/2002 06:18 AM     
  I don't get it...  
Why would anyone want to play soccer naked? Other than to be "crazy/sexy/cool" or some other hip teen thing?
  by: foachon   04/12/2002 06:44 AM     
  I think  
my feet would begin to hurt after a while if I couldn't wear shoes!

  by: daceo     04/12/2002 07:54 AM     
  Doesn't sound like much fun  
And well, it shouldn't be forbidden if you do it in a private place, if you do it in public you're going to shock some old lady, and we can't have that can we?
  by: koent27     04/12/2002 09:01 AM     
I remember when I was in senior high school playing naked Croquet with a bunch of Convent senior schoolgirls in Scotland. Hahahahahahah. Great fun!
  by: weewilliewinkie     04/12/2002 03:09 PM     
  the taping  
is for identification on the charges of indecent exposure
like someone said, we wouldn't wanna outrage some old lady and help her gat a heart attack would we? plus it is on campus and it is unethical. man laws suck everyone download "get naked" and do as the song says!
  by: juanito   04/12/2002 07:51 PM     
  well its the law, don't like it? tough.  
Its the law at the end of the day, you were born naked, you die clothed and thats that.

THe seniors are obviously doing it to be trendy/hip/get publicity or what ever but they're still breaking the law...

And in regards to the police taping them of course thats not illegal, what happens to all the law enforcement officers that are forced to watch child pornography as part of prosecution cases, does that make them pedophiles? no of course it fuxing doesnt.

And maybe its in the seniors best interest as I know i'd rather not have a group of 300+ middle aged single men, with beer guts, masturbating over video tapes of my children that they recorded.
  by: Guilty_Spark   10/23/2002 11:58 AM     
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