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                 04/24/2014 04:17 AM  
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04/25/2002 04:39 AM ID: 20712 Permalink   

US Cardinals Rule Against Zero Tolerance for Priests who Sexually Abuse


Originally, many inside and outside of the Catholic Church had put pressure on Roman Catholic leaders to fire any priest found to have sexually abused someone. Recently, they modified this substantially.

One communique states that the Church can fire a priest who is “notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory sexual abuse of minors.” This does not appear to apply to one time sex offenders.

Priests who are suspected of sex abuse will be immediately removed and police will be contacted while the priests are sent to “therapeutic center[s].” This policy already applies to many Catholic dioceses.

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The morally bankrupt Catholic Church can give lip service to correcting this perverted snowball of a problem, but they have been abusing their parishioners for thousands of years.

That's a hard habit to break.
  by: reekdeek   04/25/2002 07:45 AM     
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