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                 01/21/2018 11:33 PM  
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04/25/2002 11:33 AM ID: 20713 Permalink   

Can the Empire Strike Back?


"The Phantom Menace" made almost $1 billion worldwide and was the fourth highest grossing film ever, yet it tarnished the franchise it was born from. Even more harmful was the damage done to the fan base, many losing their faith in the franchise.

Would Lucas listen to the fans? Will "Attack of the Clones" repair the damage? Sources close to Lucas say yes, reports from those lucky enough to have seen the new movie before its release back this up.

To the annoyance of most, Jar Jar will appear in the new movie, but his appearance is reported to be brief. Likely to be most significant however is the scaled down merchandising with a 2/3 slash of merchandise licensees.

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  Excitement is building  
I have faith that the new movie will be the greatest.

I really liked ep.1 (stop looking at me like i'm a nut!)

The trick is to imagine jar jar isn't there and its a 200% better movie, that was the only mistake, and now that jar jar is effectivly gone hopefully for good (no disrespect to ahmed best who I think did the best job he could with the material he was given) there is nothing left holding this movie back.

the question now is can it catch up to the lead that titanic has (near 2 billion $$$), we need to get a starwars film up in the #1 slot.

  by: sparky_fox   04/25/2002 02:38 PM     
  why fox?  
What is so special about Star Wars that it should be the best selling movie ever?
  by: koent27     04/25/2002 03:27 PM     
  Episide 1 sucked  
I am sorry no matter how you look at it you can not possibly erase that Binks character from the film. That was a huge mistake to pander to the under fives who would think Binks was cute and funny.

Ewan McGregor sucked as well, trying to act like Alec Guinness. Just not in the same league, Ewen me old chap.

The character Darth Maul was one dimensional and the kid who played Anakin was crap at acting. The princess was a laughable too. I will hold my money in my pocket until I hear the right reviews otherwise Lucas just ain't gonna get my coin this time.

BTW, the best one was the original, I remember going to see it in a cinema in Scotland three days running when it first came out.

Ewoks suck as well.
  by: weewilliewinkie     04/25/2002 08:01 PM     
  I'm probably an idiot for saying this  
but I actually liked the movie, just saw it Sunday on TV. It's pretty good, not great but good. never saw the sixth one, so I can't talk about that but I found the tird and forth not really that special, but "nice".
What I really do not understand is why Star Wars is so special, it's just a movie. As said, I like them, but when I read about people waiting in line for days, or going to the theatres wearing masks, I just have to think "Get a live!"
  by: koent27     04/25/2002 10:25 PM     
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