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                 01/20/2018 09:45 PM  
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04/25/2002 11:40 AM ID: 20714 Permalink   

Cannabis Vodka passed by UK Home Office


A UK Nottingham based company, Drinks Merchants Ltd, has won a year long battle with the home office to import and sell Hemp Vodka from the Czech Republic.

The drink, Logan Original Hemp Vodka contains actual cannabis seeds in the bottle. Tests within Europe have proven the drink holds trace amounts of psychoactive THC found within marijuana.

The company refused to comment whether or not the seeds within the bottle can be cultivated. Experts are saying that sales of such drinks may well overtake the sales of more common alco-pops!

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  That would save me a step...  
Hmmm... I just might have to import some of this stuff. Then I could spend less time getting fu*ked up and more time enjoying it...
  by: oddity   04/25/2002 04:50 PM     
  that it  
i'm moving to the uk
  by: juanito   04/25/2002 07:32 PM     
  Bottle on its way  
Just bought a bottle from Looking forward to taking it to a party next week.Could be gone by then though, NICE!
  by: thestranger   04/25/2002 08:47 PM     
  bongs are fun  
yes, the drink sounds nice, but nothing beats a good ol water bong. toke that thing up, its more fun than drinking lol. o well
  by: lostinthecrowd   04/29/2002 05:16 AM     
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