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                 02/19/2018 10:30 AM  
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04/25/2002 01:53 PM ID: 20718 Permalink   

Ad-aware is deleted by a spyware carrier


Radlight v 3.03 apparently deletes ad-aware upon installation. This happens per the license agreement.

Ad-aware can be reinstalled to become functional again. Ad-aware detects spyware products that are used to obtain information allegedly for marketing and such. Many people see it as a major infringement and invasion of privacy.

Radlight is a 3rd party media player that's supposed to play divx and other multimedia content.

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  thats illegal  
just becasue they state it in a licence doesn't make it a legal activity, unauthorised deletion of software is a no no.
  by: sparky_fox   04/25/2002 02:46 PM     
by a agreeing to the terms of the liscence agreement, it makes it ok.

If the EULA stated that your PC would be formated, everything erased, etc, and you agreed to it, it would be legal.
  by: devolver   04/25/2002 06:46 PM     
  those tricky license agreements  
Kazaa used this tactic to get back on It stated in its license agreement that users computers would be utilized to run the system. Originally it didn't say that and had booted kazaa.
They word those license agreements in legalistic and tedious language so the average consumer does not want to read all the draconian rules and other problems the company wants liability from.
Read the license agreements on software!!!!
  by: JFURY     04/25/2002 06:54 PM     
  This is criminal behaviour at its worst!!  
The IT industry must throw the book at these "scum buckets" how dare they do such a thing, if they made sure that Ad-aware could not detect them then it would be ok to a certain extent, but to delete software from a machine is criminal. Just suppose that now I want to sue them for deleting "my software" seeing that I am now being bombarded with spam and other junk because of their software, no matter how good it may be, I may have a great firewall, fantastic antivirus, but now these "buckets of scum" are deliberately breaching my defences for whatever neferious purpose.
In short these guys must be shut down compleatly, no matter where they come from, this is willfull and deliberate destruction of someone elses property, shall we load a plane with explosives and bomb their headquarters, is that leagal, lets see if they consent to it.
I never have and now will categorically not use their software plus I'm sending copies of this news report to all I know in the hope that they will delete this software.
  by: Jurgis   04/25/2002 08:35 PM     
  Ad-aware should be informed of this  
Someone should think about letting the guys at adawae know about this so that they can either persure legal action or deletion harden their program against such software.
  by: sparky_fox   04/25/2002 09:19 PM     
  lavasoft has an update that targets radlight  
you can get it at the main link in the story, or at the mirror here
  by: m0j0     04/26/2002 02:44 AM     
or at list do a quick research on the software
you bunch of clickers. i bet most of you do like on the elevator"if i click next real fast it will go faster cmon dammit install!"
  by: juanito   04/26/2002 03:00 AM     
  nothing illegal here  
What law says it is illegal for someone to click that they AGREE to deleting software mentioned on a license agreement? There are no laws about this. I don't like it but thats the way the ball bounces. Otherwise to argue in court that users don't look at license agreements is to hold licenses null and void.
  by: JFURY     04/26/2002 03:08 AM     
defendant is found not you image future generation having court settlements online?
judge: will the accused stop putting imoticons please!
*: (^_^)
judge: order ORDER
  by: juanito   04/26/2002 03:14 AM     
  it's shady no matter how you cut it  
calling end users "stupid" or "a bunch of clickers" just becomes another way of apologizing for a practice that just plain shouldn't be to begin with. sure, people should read the agreement...and companies should also not use such shady practices. my computer should not be the battleground for my information.

this is sneaky and underhanded, and it would take a lot more than just insults towards endusers to make it any less so.
  by: m0j0     04/26/2002 12:28 PM     
Spyware makes me sooo angry, but oh well, not much we can do about it, Go ad aware!
  by: slowpoke555   04/28/2002 06:29 AM     
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