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                 03/29/2015 09:23 AM  
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04/25/2002 05:44 PM ID: 20726 Permalink   

Blimey! It's The McWhaleburger


Those inscrutable Japanese are at it again, this time in the fast food stakes. A shop called the "Place of Whales" is doing fast sales with the introduction of a whaleburger. The meat is served between two pieces of pressed rice & a BBQ sauce.

The owner Yoshiaki Nakagawa, said of the sandwich "I really wanted to come up with something with whale in it that people could eat casually and cheaply, as a take-away item." It is priced somewhat higher than a Big mac. 300 yen to 85 yen.

The shop also serves a whale hot dog and sliced whale tongue amongst other things. The taste is somewhat new to the younger generation who are more likely to feel at home eating McDonald's as opposed to traditional Japanese fare.

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when you ask to maximize it do they give a whole whale?.......
  by: juanito   04/25/2002 07:30 PM     
  I Think  
It would be pretty hard to maximise anything in Japan.

  by: weewilliewinkie     04/25/2002 08:05 PM     
  So, whales are in extinction because of this  
greedy type of business.
Hey, they could eat their mothers for a change. >(
  by: gatovadio   04/25/2002 08:26 PM     
  whales are becoming extinct?  
honestly, i didn't know that.
  by: iceboy   04/25/2002 08:44 PM     
I believe potato chips are not on the verge of extinction and they are not much fun to look at flaoting in the sea. I see you are trying to drum up some more enemies, this time from the STW camp.
  by: weewilliewinkie     04/25/2002 09:23 PM     
what are you talking about, slayer didn;t post anything here
  by: pjon2   04/25/2002 09:50 PM     
Click on the Forum button next to Submit Comments. It shows the complete list of comments. For some reason it doesn't work right.

Maybe if we just ignore slayer12345, he'll just go away.
  by: MissMuffet   04/25/2002 10:07 PM     
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