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                 02/22/2018 05:43 PM  
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04/25/2002 09:27 PM ID: 20736 Permalink   

Group to Give Free Handguns to Chicago Citizens


Concealed Carry, Inc., an advocate group for the right to carry arms, is contesting Chicago's strict laws against concealed weapons. The maximum sentence there is a $500 fine/6 months and jail and minimum penalty is 10 days in jail.

Concealed Carry states it will give a gun away each month and people who enter the contest have to write about why they feel they need protection from criminals. Special consideration will be given to women and disabled people.

Winners will receive a 32 caliber semi-automatic Kel-Tec P 32 pistol which is worth $300. A spokeswoman for the police department warns contest winners that if caught: "You're going to be in jail with rapists and child molesters."

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  Thats so dumb.  
There are cities out there paying people to get rid of thier guns, and now there is a contest where the award is a gun!? Something will go wrong, a gun will fall in the wrong hands, and they will be blamed. Gald I don't live in Chicago.
  by: munkeybee     04/26/2002 02:09 AM     
  i wonder  
if i tell a pathetic enough reason...can i get a rocket launcher? or at least a sniper rifle
  by: juanito   04/26/2002 02:54 AM     
  Stupid group  
Has this group ever concidered how
many people who loose their lives,or
are seriously injured due to being
accidentally shot by people who
just doesn't know how to handle their guns?

Gun Control is about three things:

* stopping guns from finding their way to criminals and to people who shouldn't have guns anyways (How many people with mental problems has guns availabe?.. I wouldn't be surprised if the number was shockingly high)

* Learning people who has guns to use them RESPONSIBLY... Learning people to never store their weapons and ammo in the same place.. Learning people how to avoid that their kids finds the weapons..

* Knowing who has guns, and why..

Gun Control can actually help to diminish the number of people who
gets killed due to accidental shootings..

  by: SatyrKid   04/26/2002 08:25 AM     
  I hate americas gun policy..  
The way I see it, they're in a stupid cycle, where everyone needs guns for protection, because everyone has guns.

If your not in a law enforcement agency, why would you need a gun? There's just no logical answer.
  by: Jono     04/26/2002 10:03 AM     
  That's true Jono but to say even more  
it's also an attitude problem. A very popular example of "gun control" is Switzerland. There are a lot of full-automatic rifles there, because off the volunteer army who are all obliged to keep there gun at home. But still, how often are they used in crimes? rarely
How often do you hear about swiss going beserk and shooting up there schools or workplaces or whatever? never!
Well, actually there was one such event a couple of months ago, and the entire country whas shocked. Shoutouts in America seem to be common.
Another nice number. I read it in the newspaper recently. In Belgium the police shot 127 times in the entire year 2000 (or 2001? Don't recall exactly). Of which most were warning shots or shots to put off enraged animals. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN! I admit, Belgium has only some 10 million inhabitants, but 127 shootings are not really much, right?
  by: koent27     04/26/2002 04:33 PM     
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