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                 04/25/2014 07:05 AM  
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04/27/2002 04:22 AM ID: 20772 Permalink   

Would You Eat Maggots, Cockroaches, and a Pigs Uterus for Cash?


If so you might want to take a trip to South Africa. Filming for the South African version of Fear Factor starts soon in Cape Town and on the list of disgusting and scary deeds are eating plates of maggots, cockroaches, and a pig's uterus.

Other tasks that may be included are diving for coins in a tank of snakes and dead squid, being thrown into a rat-infested pit, and bathing with scorpions and millipedes.

Asked for suggestions some viewers came up with some interesting ideas. One that was rejected was eating cat faeces. Another man suggested that the contestants should try and tolerate the company of his wife.

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  by: shewolf   04/27/2002 05:40 AM     
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