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                 02/22/2018 05:46 PM  
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05/16/2002 06:39 AM ID: 21424 Permalink   

"Patriotic Hackers" Caught? Deceptive Duo Suspects Raided by FBI


The FBI has raided the homes of two teenagers in California, who are believed to be responsible for a series of patriotic hacks performed under the name "Deceptive Duo".

One of the two uses the handle The-Rev, and was known to previously be part of a hacking group known as Sm0ked Crew. The other, known as Pimpshiz, is already on parole for a series of Pro-Napster hacks. Neither has been officially charged yet.

The two apparently truly believed that by defacing government web sites, including those belonging to the Defense Department and a national nuclear laboratory, they were helping to promote American security in the wake of September 11th.

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  Betcha five bucks...  
that these two (if they are the deceptive duo) will be working for the U.S. government in the near future.
  by: Trent Steel   05/16/2002 09:44 AM     
  Betcha 10 Bucks  
That the government just locks these kids up because it is cheaper to ignore the problem than to fix it.
  by: slayer12345     05/16/2002 12:04 PM     
on if they are kiddie scripters or really good hackers...
If they are just ks and used some common tools to break into systems that were not properly secured then they will end up in jail.

However if they actually circumvented a secure system and did it on their own then they will be at NSA. You will see a nice court hearing for public display and then all of a sudden they disappear from the news...
  by: azianperv     05/16/2002 12:12 PM     
The gov't might be hard on them , just because they're making the gov't look bad showing the public the gov't canT secure they're systems....Its bad to be right when the gov't is wrong
  by: contajuss   05/17/2002 12:07 AM     
  Privilege of being in charge I suppose  
  by: koent27     05/21/2002 11:38 PM     
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