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                 04/24/2014 06:35 PM  
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05/20/2002 06:33 PM ID: 21613 Permalink   

$20 Bill Foretold the Events of 9/11


If you fold a $20 in a set pattern of steps it reveals pictures of the burning pentagon and also the twin towers according to this web-site.

The steps look easy to do and the twin towers picture is pretty good actually.

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  by: acitic   05/20/2002 09:05 PM     
  $10 Bill Foretold Watergate  
If you fold the $10 bill (not a $1 bill or a $5 bill, those won't do) a certain way, you can see a W, which stands for watergate.

The steps also look pretty easy to do, and even though I do not know what I am talking about, the picture of it looks pretty good actually.
  by: phobal     05/20/2002 10:10 PM     
  mushroom cloud...  
appears when you fold george washingtons head in a certain way
  by: juleslady     05/21/2002 05:23 AM     
  mushroom cloud?  
I always thought it was just a mushroom.
  by: CarloSkippy     05/21/2002 05:42 AM     
  Diamod Rings  
I used to make them with friends in grade school when looking at the dollar bill mushroom got old.

This is a bit like the Rorschach (inkblot) test. It's all about how you look at it.
  by: Icehearted   05/21/2002 10:33 AM     
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