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                 04/24/2014 10:09 PM  
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05/22/2002 06:13 AM ID: 21664 Permalink   

N Sync Star in Orbit? Could Be


Lance Bass Vs Lori Garver, who will win the battle to become the third space tourist? Well Lori is a former NASA employee and she and Lance, one of the members of the group N Sync, are both undergoing tests to see who will win the battle of the bods.

Lance is currently in Moscow undergoing medical tests which will include a centrifuge test designed to show how his body will stand up to liftoff. A pressurised chamber is another test that will be used to determine his physical and mental fitness.

The flight is due to liftoff in October, bound for the International Space Station, but Russia's space agency doubts that Lori or Lance will be ready in time. Lance does have one advantage, he may not have been in orbit but he is already a "star".

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