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                 02/24/2018 09:03 PM  
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05/22/2002 06:53 AM ID: 21665 Permalink   

Hackers Snag 13,000 Credit Reports from Ford


Posing as Ford Credit's Grand Rapids, Michigan, office computer thieves downloaded approximately 13,000 credit reports from the financing division. They may have obtained credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other identifying data.

The information could be used for identity theft and possibly to make fraudulent credit card purchases. The company has notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Trade Commission.

Ford Credit noticed the problem when they realized the hackers were not using the same software as Ford does.

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  Technically crackers  
...but the story uses the term "hackers."
  by: CarloSkippy     05/22/2002 04:30 PM     
  good point  
The media often confuses the terms "hacker" and "cracker," and are responsible for the shift in meaning of the word "hacker." It's just a small point, but it's still just as easy to get it right as it is to get it wrong.
  by: neotek     05/24/2002 07:38 AM     
  Please note:  
Hackers aren't generally dickheads like that. That is (as mentioned previously) where the term "cracker" should be applied.
  by: super_kman   05/24/2002 11:03 PM     
  I'm not sure how much personality  
plays a role in one is a hacker or cracker. I'm sure there are crackers who break into banks, steal credit cards, and are perfectly nice people when you meet them. I'm sure there are hackers who have absolutely no social skills. Being a "dickhead" has nothing to do with it one way or another, I think.
  by: CarloSkippy     05/24/2002 11:23 PM     
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