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                 02/23/2018 11:31 AM  
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05/22/2002 06:55 AM ID: 21666 Permalink   

Eminem Threatens to ..Assault.. Whoever Uploaded His Music to the Internet (R)


Eminem says: "I think that sh*t is f***ing bullsh*t. Whoever put my sh*t on the internet, I want to meet that mother f***er and beat the sh*t out of him" after finding out that his latest CD, the one with the big security measures, got uploaded.

The worst fear is that fans will be able to buy a bootleg copy for around $5, as they were in New York last week. This is also the reason the CD will now be released on Monday, May 27 and not its original release date of June 3, 2002.

Security measures that were taken to prevent the music from being copied, failed, and the album is now widely available to download on the internet.

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Thats funny stuff. And i don't think eminem can kick anyone's ass over 15 years old.
  by: jeiar   05/22/2002 07:11 AM     
what a loser
  by: Scorpio   05/22/2002 07:11 AM     
  The full comment ...  
The rapper said bluntly: "I think that shit is f#$%ing bullshit. Whoever put my shit on the Internet, I want to meet that motherf***er and beat the shit out of him, because I picture this scrawny little dickhead going ‘I got Eminem's new CD! I got Eminem's new CD! I'm going to put it on the Internet.' I think that anybody who tries to make excuses for that shit is a f#$%ing bitch."

Yeah, what a loser. lol

* Post edited by CC *
  by: jeiar   05/22/2002 07:18 AM     
  When will they learn?  
The more they try to put stupid restrictions on things, the more people will try to get around them.
  by: qr7z   05/22/2002 08:28 AM     
  The sweet taste of victory :)  
Well he only brought this upon himself, and now I think it only fair that he reap the rewards of his efforts.

I am not surprised at all that it has been ripped as fast as it has, no sooner do you proclaim that something is un-copyable than you invite a biblical sized swarm of people intent on taking the chalenge to beat it.
  by: sparky_fox   05/22/2002 12:00 PM     
  Thats sooo true sparky ...  
And funny too. hahahah :)
  by: jeiar   05/22/2002 12:45 PM     
  What An Eloquent, Dumb M*therf@cker  
Yes, he's a poet and he don't know it :))))))))))
  by: NewsGuy   05/22/2002 01:02 PM     
  Who said we are interested in his music!  
I wouldn't think even to download eminems' crappy music!
  by: ekmesa   05/22/2002 02:15 PM     
  He even said it was crap...  
"...Whoever put my sh*t on the internet.."

So, he admits that his music is shit as well as the rest of the world.!
  by: MikeBlackett   05/22/2002 02:47 PM     
Gah, M&M is such a whiny crybaby...who's got a bottle for him to suck on? As Mike said, his music is self-admittedly shit, so I know I wouldn't bother downloading it at all, as if I ever did. What would be hilarious is if there was some way to track how many people did download it, and it turned out to be 3 or four people worldwide. ;) That would mean there were about four people with blasphemously poor taste, but it would be a real wake-up call for the little sissy.
  by: nyteheart   05/22/2002 03:56 PM     
  I think all of you make a good point.....  
His music is about as good as a six layer slice of shitcake.

Now here's the kicker.
Since his music sucks, then his sales should be poor, but you know he'll blame it on the internet.

...and is it me, or does he come off like a sawed-off Pee-Wee Herman with blonde hair and an earring?
  by: Icehearted   05/22/2002 09:12 PM     
that mother f#$%ing wigger wife-beating asshole DESERVED IT. F$%K HIM AND HIS MUSIC. Did he really think that hackers couldn't upload his stupid CD? Here's some news Slim, hackers can crack anything. No gay-ass software claiming itself "uncrackable" should shove a keyboard up their ass.

* Post edited by CC *
  by: smakfactory   05/23/2002 09:25 PM     
  jeiar ...  
"...i don't think eminem can kick anyone's ass over 15 years old..."

no offence but...

Isn't that his fan base anyways ???

I think his stuff is still selling suprisingly well... which must mean there are a lot of 'sick puppies' out there....

actually... I've known that for a while lol =OP
  by:   06/12/2002 06:24 PM     
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