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                 04/24/2014 06:30 PM  
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06/12/2002 06:46 AM ID: 22424 Permalink   

Arab Version of "The Weakest Link" Causes Outrage


After only a couple of months, the Arab version of "The Weakest Link" is not going over well. The presenter, Rita Khoury, used to be a not-too-famous but well-liked radio presenter. Now she is famous and hardly liked by anyone.

The reason? Well Arab men cannot stand having a woman humiliate them. In Saudi Arabia women have almost no rights, they cannot vote and they are not allowed to drive cars. Some of the women though admire and respect her for her boldness.

One woman said "She behaves just like a man,... who does she think she is?" A man from Beirut said: "She's a bitch... God help her poor husband." Khoury stands by her approach and remarks: "No woman contestant has ever got upset."

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  Sexism, in Islam? No way...  
Well, as we all know, most (all) religions are to outdated to be of any use today without a good revision. They where created long time ago in circumstances so different to today that they are senseless antiquities.
This is a clear sample. Lets reform Islam and Catholicism to be more useful in the world today.
Any religions first commandment should be to respect human rights.
  by: brucehum     06/12/2002 11:39 AM     
  What It's Really About.  
Arab men just can't have their little egos bruised, and can't handle strong women. I guess they have to keep women silent and submissive in order to feel powerful. Talk about a bunch of gutless "strong" woman sends them into fits of blustering fright, making them hide behind their religion in order to look righteous, instead of the whiny, scared boys that they are.
  by: nyteheart   06/12/2002 06:53 PM     
if you look further into this you shall find that infact this is a cultural thing - not a religious thing. That is, the 'oppression' against women in Saudi Arabia is cultural - not due to Islam. If you actually look into Islam you will find that it gave more rights to women when it first 'appeared' on the earth (over 1400 years ago) than the women in, for example, the UK had in the 1960's.
And the thing about the arab men not liking strong women - thats a saudi arabian cultural thing. In fact, its probably just a bad statistical error (the people might have coincidently sampled a group of men who think that way). Honestly - do u really think that in, for example, the USA there are men who DO like women who over power them? I somehow cant agree with that

IM not looking for a fight - just looking to inform the ignorant moralless people :)
  by: MunafH   06/12/2002 09:00 PM     
  Amen Brother  
Amen MunafH, thank god someone said it..
  by: DrHashish   06/13/2002 08:56 PM     
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