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                 12/23/2014 02:37 AM  
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06/17/2002 10:39 AM ID: 22626 Permalink   

IBM Software Fights "Drive-By Hacking"


IBM has released software which combats "drive-by hacking" of wireless networks by sniffing the wireless connections and letting admins know if any of the wireless ports have been misconfigured, and pose a threat.

Experts say misconfiguration is a serious problem for wireless users. "Hackers outside the building, across the street, can connect in to the internal network," IBM said. "They can use the network to break into internal servers and steal data."

IBM says that they have audited customers who were unaware of as many as 100 unauthorized access points. Wireless adoption has picked up recently, with some laptops already coming with 802.11 wireless ability preinstalled.

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