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                 02/24/2018 09:05 PM  
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06/20/2002 01:48 PM ID: 22756 Permalink   

Spiderman 2 Already Available On-Line?


The following "news" was published by the BBSpot humor Website: Research from an internet firm says the leak of the film Spiderman 2 will cost studios at least $5 trillion dollars and say that pirates have also been trying to steal Episode III of the Star Wars movies from George Lucas for months now.

"These criminals by releasing the film before it has been released are not only stealing revenue from the producers but also ruining the movie goers magical experience."

The Spiderman movie was apparently downloaded from Sam Raimi's brain as he slept using new EEG technology called Brain2Vid. In a new spate of crimes films are now being downloaded before they are even made.
(This is a joke btw... Tips&Tricks)

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if it is not news....then why is it here.
  by: solace   06/20/2002 02:25 PM     
  its true not a joke  
i got the full version of warcraft3 like 6 mounths ago and it has not even came out yet so there
  by: christopher   06/20/2002 02:52 PM     
  this is a JOKE  
this is an obvious joke. BBSpot is a online news parody website. allmost nothing on its website is true.

as for christopher, im sure you didnt get warcraft 3 before any lines of code were written, as development for it started about 3 years ago. if you did get a hold of it 6mo ago, then its the beta. its recently gone gold and someone i know allready has the final, like 2 days after goin gold.

anyways, this news should be banned, its from a parody site.
  by: MrUnknown   06/20/2002 03:54 PM     
How does your getting warcraft3 make a satirical story about downloading Spiderman 2 from the brain waves of the creator true? Are you just trying to be humorous?
  by: CarloSkippy     06/20/2002 03:56 PM     
  NICE!!! (n/t)  
  by: johnale88   06/20/2002 03:58 PM     
  It's under Tips & Tricks!  
That's the place for interesting things you find on the web. I'm not sure why it should be banned. There's plenty of other silly stuff that comes in under T&T.
  by: CarloSkippy     06/20/2002 04:13 PM     
  Tips & tricks  
I changed the news a little bit, as you might have noticed, to rescue it. The title was really misleading and the news was not written as a Tips&Tricks.
A Tips&Tricks invites the reader to a Website - it does not disguise jokes as news. To avoid misleading users, I added the question mark and the first line to your news.

Tips&Tricks is not a space you can write whatever you want. A tips&tricks is a space where you can suggest pages on the Web you find interesting for some reason. Submit the fun and the jokes in the Shortnews Forum. :)
  by: Seastar     06/20/2002 06:08 PM     
a correct Tips & Tricks would really point the user to BBSpot as a nice source for satire rather than point to a particular joke article there?
  by: CarloSkippy     06/20/2002 06:30 PM     
  im just talkig about any thing in genaral  
like american pie 2 was just released on
video here and i could of got it mounths ago i know this is a JOke spider man 2 has not even bean made yet;0) not that quick
  by: christopher   06/21/2002 01:43 AM     
  spiderman 2 head-download?  
of course its a big laugh, maybe in the next 200 years or light years
  by: real1   06/21/2002 07:36 AM     
  Idiot... CHeck shows when all pirated moives are released. At best its a week before the premier.
  by: Microconda   06/26/2002 12:54 AM     
  a week?  
some movies (as in jason x) are released months before the theatre date, but this spiderman 2 is fake.
  by: rodney   07/01/2002 06:09 PM     
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