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                 04/24/2014 01:02 PM  
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06/20/2002 01:59 PM ID: 22758 Permalink   

Semen the Cure for Depression?


Professor Gordon Gallup of the State University of New York in Albany has written a report alleging that women who have sex without a condom receive a natural high from sex: because male semen acts as an antidepressant.

Many women have claimed to feel a difference after having sex without a condom. "The whole next day you really feel much better. There's definitely a difference," one fashion designer says.

Semen contains many hormones and chemicals, some of which are absorbed into a woman's bloodstream during sex. After polling hundreds of women for how sex influences depression, he has found strong (if not conclusive) evidence to support his theory.

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  Professor Pimp  
It sounds like Professor Gordon Gallup will go to ANY lengths to keep from wearing a condom with his women. hehe

"No, baby, I swear I am shootin' Prozac over here." hehe
  by: AmazingRando   06/20/2002 06:11 PM     
Thats why us guys always feel depressed after sex.......we're giving away all our good vibes to the gals in our semen!!!!!
  by: athkatla   06/20/2002 07:02 PM     
Wow, this could save my insurance company so serious cash. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to suck-sessfully blow my load in my mouth. The only thing I want to know is; if it can be taken orally? Before I sign up for my Yoga lessons.
  by: super_kman   06/20/2002 08:07 PM     
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