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                 02/25/2018 07:00 AM  
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06/25/2002 09:12 AM ID: 22893 Permalink   

Fit for Europe? Take the Test!


A Reader's Digest survey wanted to find out who knows most about Europe. They found that the citizens of those countries who have not joined the EU yet knew most about European history, culture, and geography.

You can take the test, too, it is on

Britons did not know much about the EU, it is thought they are just not as enthusiastic as Europeans. In Poland people got about 75% of the answers right - this shows how much they care about the union they want to join.

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  Stupid questions... 'Who wrote Hansel & Gretel?'. Who gives a flying ****?
  by: Fonzo   06/25/2002 01:33 PM     
  i dunno  
if i give a flying **** (literally, id like to try).
maybe you havent heard it before, but fairy tales play a very important part in european cultures. the stories are based on the same patterns in many countries and as they were told on and on and on they changed and had a remarkable impact on the formation of national languages and national literatures.
thanks for listening, fonzo.
  by: littleLUdmila     06/25/2002 03:46 PM     
"Once upon a time, there was a flying duck..."

Naah, I partly disagree. I can think up a zillion more questions about topics that played a more important role than just fairy tales. But OK, maybe I'm a bit biased. It was the only question, which I answered wrong. Hey, and I'm not even from Poland and heavily against the European Union! :)

Nighty, night!
  by: Fonzo   06/25/2002 04:03 PM     
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