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                 02/23/2018 11:25 AM  
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06/27/2002 12:44 PM ID: 22988 Permalink   

iMac: Feast or Famine


Retailers are faced with a feast or famine situation, trying to sell Apple's new iMac computers.

First, they were unable to meet customer demands for the stylish new computer. Now inventory is piling up, and the PC market is only getting slower.

One distributor has 1,200 iMacs in stock, and managed to sell 72 to retailers. "That level of inventory is definitely disconcerting," an analyst said. Consumers seem much more interested in buying laptops than PCs.

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  MAC Sucks  
Apple needs to come up with a new business. The PC market is for IBM clones. Go make a microwave or something.
  by: rboynton   06/27/2002 04:40 PM     
  Yeah I agree  
The Imac market is tottaly gone, there new advertising that has been seen on Fox Television is just another pathetic attempt to popularize there computers. The computers are very much comparable to the ISP Aol, it's very Easy to Use!!
  by: Archy   06/27/2002 05:50 PM     
  my name is bob, Im a halfwit who cant use a PC  
with more than one mousebutton..

While I respect the hardware, and appreciate effort that the engineers put into the tech, the marketing propaganda that jobs uses makes me utterly sick.
  by: thelebaron   06/27/2002 10:25 PM     
  gimme the comps?  
ile take the rest of their inventory
  by: aliiscool   06/27/2002 11:44 PM     
gotta love that iToilet ad. Mac is horrible though... I don't want candy coated computer cases... Macs are like used up porn stars. Oh they're pretty and glossy on the outside (well some of them), but they're all sloppy and shitty inside.
  by: 909   06/28/2002 05:11 AM     
Don't Ya'll know Apple Is The Reason You Have A Graphical User Interface, A Mouse, or even PS/2 Ports? I Agree That Mac's Have a small library of software compared to a IBM based PC but they gave us many great computer improvements. i also think the new IMac is bad ass, I'm thinking of buying one (Yes I'm A Windows User) So I Can Buy Real Basic to make programs on the mac. The only thing keeping me a windows user is there software library, and if i hear that Lindows works well i won't be For long.
  by: TheManThatUFear   06/28/2002 11:55 AM     
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