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                 01/23/2018 11:07 PM  
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07/01/2002 08:52 AM ID: 23089 Permalink   

Archaeologists uncover chinese sex toy relics


A team of archaeologists have discovered seven dildos cast in bronze, apparently all made from the same original.

The dildos were uncovered in a Han Dynasty tomb (206 BC - 25 AD) and is the largest such find from this era.

Specialists argue that the sex toys might have been used by eunuchs, or by palace maids on sexually-deprived imperial concubines

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  Largest find...  
so they had previously found smaller sized bronze dildos? LOL.
  by: Trent Steel   07/01/2002 11:26 PM     
  these guys are horny!  
How many centuries old are those things? The guys who used them must have f***ed a hell of a lot back then.

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  by: aitrus   07/02/2002 01:58 AM     
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