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                 04/24/2014 11:07 AM  
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07/11/2002 08:20 PM ID: 23406 Permalink   

5000 Connected to Al Qaeda In USA


US Intelligence has identified more than 100 active Al Qaeda members and thousands of supporters in the US. Individule groups of about 6 in Chicago, Seattle, Detroit and Atlanta are under FBI surveillance.

In one case 5 men checked into a Seattle hotel room and performed, what the FBI called, suspicious activities. Two others were seen in the Port of LA measuring the docks and video taping the surrounding area.

Officals say that while the number of those affiliated with Al Qaeda is high, the actual operational membership is thought to be very low. An operational member is one who took a sworn allegiance during a formal ceremony.

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...between Affiliates and Operators is important. Nice to see we know so much about this in the papers.

Public should go back to assuming the FBI CounterTerror and CIA CounterTerror arms are incompetent and let them work in the shadows where they belong. The NYTimes, et al, do not need to know how many are under surveillance here and there. Let the public keep ridiculing them if they want and assuming they know nothing while the operators are quietly 'liquidated' and the affiliates 'remediated'..
  by: IntelHack     07/11/2002 08:30 PM     
  @ Intel.. Right On (nt)  
None except this.
  by: NoOpinions     07/12/2002 01:29 AM     
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