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                 04/19/2014 06:31 AM  
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07/11/2002 09:19 PM ID: 23408 Permalink   

Lawmakers in Massachusetts House Approve Guns For Felons


The Massachusetts House approved a bill that would roll back the state's 1998 gun control laws that barred anyone convicted of a violent felony or misdameanor from owning a gun. The bill now goes to the state senate for approval.

Gun control activists were outraged that the bill passed during a time of rising violence. "The Legislature should be looking for way to remove illegal guns, not re-arm criminals", said a spokesman of Stop Handgun Violence.

A key sponser of the bill said that too many law abiding citizens are being punished for things that happened 20 - 30 years ago or as children. The 1998 law was considered one of the toughest in the country for gun control.

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