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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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07/12/2002 02:20 PM ID: 23429 Permalink   

Child Birth In Porn Movie Upsets Child Welfare Organisations


A woman named Nicky will give birth in November. She wants the birth to be filmed and to include the footage in a porn movie.

Child welfare workers seek legal advice over the woman's plan. The film would violate the child's rights. They want to protect the baby from exploitation and from a mother who thinks that what she plans on is right, without even mentioning the kid.

The film maker is amused about the controversy. He does not understand why sex and birth, its inevitable consequence, must not be shown in one movie.

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  Great Idea  
People should understand what sex is really for.
  by: NewsGuy   07/12/2002 09:09 PM     
but not listed as porn coz anyone gets horny seeing that is SICK.
  by: iceboy   07/12/2002 09:44 PM     
why did this get only 3 responses so far, and that is childpornography, at best it is child-birth pornography, but even still. it can kiss my a$$. how about she gives birth in jail.
  by: Hrodland     07/13/2002 01:21 AM     
saw something like that in 9th grade in bio-class, parents called the school in outrage :) It was not pretty
  by: DrHashish   07/13/2002 01:23 AM     
  Not child porn  
the kid isn't being used sexually, so it's not kiddie porn. It's just showing that the sexual act is not just some sort of a carnival ride.
  by: NewsGuy   07/13/2002 01:47 AM     
  if she wanted to show this on the Learning channel  
instead of a porn movie, would it still be porn? Are all those parents that videotape the birth of their children also involved in kiddie porn?
  by: cokeinc     07/13/2002 02:38 AM     
  Sex Is the Act of Procreation  
It may not always happen, but when a man and woman have sex without condoms, usually the woman gets pregnant.

This is what sex is for.

Contrary to our advertising media, sex is not entertainment, it's not just to get us titilated to but something.

Male ejaculation is not the 'exclamation point' in a porn movie.
Porn movies are the antithesis of reproduction because the man always pulls out, and the woman never gets pregnant.

There should be more movies like this, so people remember what sex is really intended for.
  by: NewsGuy   07/13/2002 05:10 PM     
  stop whining.  
Who gives a shit. There are far more f***** up things in the world than something like this.

It probably shouldn't be allowed, however, purely because of the psychological effect it will have on the child when it grows up.
  by: neotek     07/13/2002 05:30 PM     
  Eat Me.  
If you're so worried about the "phsychological effects of the child" then you should ban porn altogether because many of these women go on to have kids afterwards, and I can only imagine that it must be very traumatic to find out your mom was in a porn film before you were born.

Having the birth in the film isn't any more "traumatic."
  by: NewsGuy   07/13/2002 05:35 PM     
  any of you  
though that she might to immortalise it and that this is the only way accessible to her?

hd you are a true retard, you think the world is all conspiring against you.

you probably look under your bed before you go to sleep everynight you quack.
  by: juanito   07/13/2002 08:59 PM     
For a porn star to be having birth on a film-set Is Different to normal births as it may not be so much a personal matter to the film star,then any other normal person,why ,simply because there lives have been turned around because of maybe childhood dramas or they just love sex and wanna show the whole world something.It is most likely be caused by low self esteem when younger, so they wanna be exposed and liked by others ,so sex isn't really a personal thing for them unlike us,where must feel and be comfortable with the partner same goes to birth ,we might find it grotesque because people do not really have an understanding for these types of behaviour and why they do it.Child welfare workers think its Disgusting behaviour to a child,but when we look at different families,children have adapted to there parents behaviour,they might have followed there footsteps or they choose not to follow there parents footsteps, if your parents forced you into becoming a doctor and you didnt want to ,surely the child will runaway and be turned around which will result to life of behaviour that most people find not normal.AS for the porn star the child will be something that she will ever care about,because she has never felt the responsibility of caring and when she has this child she will feel something different,that shes never felt before ,which is to care, and like first timers in bed they will enjoy that first feeling that they experienced and continue going to the unknown future
  by: bonito911   07/16/2002 11:46 AM     
  OMG what the hell did you just say...nt  
  by: Odoylerules   07/16/2002 06:54 PM     
  Translation or butchery, you decide :)  
"For a porn star to ... love sex and wanna show ... and be comfortable with ... birth ... its disgusting behavious. They might have forced you into becoming a doctor and you didnt want to ... be turned ... not normal. AS for the porn star ... she has never felt ... something different ... in bed ... and continue going.
  by: Yelping Man Candy   07/16/2002 07:17 PM     
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